Monday, November 21, 2011

Helene Fischer

Helene Fischer was born on August 5th, 1984 in Krasnoyarsk (Russia) and spent her early childhood in this Siberian town. 
Soon , she found their way back to central Europe, before her ethnic German family immigrated and relocating to Germany while Helene was still a youngster. 

She went on to study music and theater in Frankfurt. Helene is a graduate of the Frankfurt Stage & Musical School, where she studied singing and acting. 
Her star qualities and golden crystal-clear voice were discovered in 2005. Eventually, in February 2006, landed a record contract , releasing her first album: Von Hier bis Unendlich (From Here to Infinity) 
Her second album, So Nah Wie Du (As Close as You), was released September 2007. 
Both albums were released on Electrola. ~ Chris True, All Music Guide 
Her first English language album with English versions of her best German songs: The English Ones 

Ever since , her popularity has been crowned with success. 
has won three prestigious Echo (German Grammy) awards, the coveted Goldene Henne twice, and the Krone der Volksmusik prize three times. All her albums and dvds have achieved multiple gold
and double platinum status.

Helene Fischer

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